Want To Scrape Data? 10 Useful Web Scraping Services You Must Try According To Semalt

Web scraping is a complicated technique implemented with a number of scraping tools. These tools interact with different websites in the same way as we do when using a browser like Firefox or Chrome. Moreover, web scraping programs display the extracted data in a readable format. They help generate more leads and get best out of our businesses.

The Best Web Scraping Tools:

Here we have given a list of best and most useful web scraping tools, some of which are free while the others are paid.

1. Import.io

Import.io is famous for its advanced technology. The tool is suitable for professionals and non-professionals. This web scraping tool not only accesses and scrapes a large number of websites but also exports the extracted data to CSV. Hundreds to thousands of pages and PDF files can be scraped within an hour with Import.io. The plus point is that you don't need to write any code. Instead, this tool builds more than 1000 APIs based on your requirements.

2. Dexi.io

Dexi.io is also known as CloudScrape. This web scraping and data extraction program is suitable for programmers and freelancers. It is widely known for its browser-based downloader and editor that makes it easy for you to access and download the extracted data on your hard drive. Also, this is a great web crawler that can save the data on either Box.net or Google Drive. You can also export your data to CSV and JSON.

3. Webhouse.io

Webhouse.io is one of the most amazing and fantastic browser-based web scraping applications. It provides easy and direct access to the structured data and has the ability to index massive numbers of web pages in the single API. You can easily extract your data using Webhouse.io and save it in formats like RSS, XML, and JSON.

4. Scrapinghub

With just $25 per month, you can access all amazing features of Scrapinghub. This is a cloud-based application that fulfills your data extraction requirements in a better way. Scrapinghub is best known for its smart proxy rotator that crawls through the bot protected websites conveniently.

5. Visual Scraper

Visual Scraper is yet another data extraction and content mining program. It extracts information from various websites, and the results are fetched in real time. You can export your extracted data to formats like SQL, JSON, XML, and CSV.

6. Outwit Hub

It is a Firefox add-on that can significantly simplify our web search due to its data extraction properties. Outwit Hub is equally famous among programmers and web developers; this tool stores your data in readable and scalable formats, offering a user-friendly interface and best services.

7. Scraper

It's true that Scraper has limited data scraping features, but that doesn't mean it won't make your online research easy. In fact, Scraper is the first choice of various enterprises, SEO experts, and app developers. You can copy data to the clipboard or store it on different spreadsheets as per your desire. Unfortunately, this tool doesn't crawl your web pages.

8. 80 legs

It is a strong, flexible, and useful web scraping application. You can configure 80 legs as per your requirements, and this tool fetches the required information in a few seconds.

9. Spinn3r

Spinn3r fetches data from an entire website, social media networks, news outlets and private blogs, saving your data in JSON format. Besides its wonderful data extraction properties, Spinn3r ensures safety and privacy of your data and doesn't let the spammers steal it.

10. ParseHub

ParseHub is compatible with websites using AJAX, cookies, JavaScript, and redirects. You can crawl as many web pages as you want and get the data in required formats. This tool can be used by the Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux users.